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There are just a few days left for this sale. Access a full year of Daily Common Core reading today. Follow the link to access more grade levels.

Now is an excellent time to start thinking about some of the resources you’ll need for next year. Literacy and Math Ideas has PLENTY of year-end products and resources ready for immediate download!! In particular, we would like to remind you all about one of our best-selling resources. Literacy and Math Ideas has a FULL YEAR of reading passages specifically targeted for the 3rd grade!! Think about that for a second… That’s 40 full weeks… 200 passages in all!!
These passages can be used as morning bell ringers, in class assignments or homework! The passages are also aligned to Common Core. Additionally, each passage has 2 comprehension related questions, a weekly checklist, and a different passage for each day of the week.
This resource is a BIG BENEFIT anyway you look at it! We have lowered the price for a limited time to allow all of you to LOCK IN EXTRA SAVINGS beyond the already incredible low price! You can lock in your savings NOW by getting this product as an instant download!
What topics do these passages cover?
With this product, your students will be exposed to a variety of topics including historical fiction, folktales, poetry, informational text, literature and more! This resource is sure to facilitate the critical reading foundation needed in the 3rd grade and beyond!